A Refined Personal Touch


Pâtisserie Angelica is an award winning small artisan company dedicated to the fine art of pastry making. We are devoted to our art, committed to quality and true to our vision. 

All of our products are crafted utilizing old world methods; prepared from scratch then hand cut, hand formed and hand filled. 

Creative customization is what sets Pâtisserie Angelica apart. No longer is the cake considered lightly in the scheme of a wedding. Couples are finding the grand finale to their special evening can be made even more unique and memorable by putting extra thought into the wedding cake.

The design of the wedding cake is another opportunity for the couple to express their own style. Choosing a pastry chef with a technical and versatile background enables one to expand their choices. It will take you beyond traditional wedding cakes and open up a new world of individual desserts, elaborate dessert buffets or customized specialty desserts.

Our pricing reflects a dazzling array of French, Belgian, Swiss and artisan chocolates, organic sweet cream butter, organic eggs and all other dairy. Many products utilize organic cane sugar, organic confectioner's sugar,  organic brown sugar and organic all purpose unbleached flour from Central Milling. We are committed to using Sonoma County products in peak season. We promote our local farmers and their products.

Pâtisserie Angelica has confidence that you will taste the difference; as our baked products are pure, fresh, natural and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings, additives, trans-fats (vegetable shortenings) or stabilizers.


Condra Easley and Deborah Morris

Condra Easley and Deborah Morris

Condra...From Paris to Sonoma

My road to get where I am today has been varied but it has all contributed to the pastry chef I am today. I started my first career out of college in Chicago in an interior architectural design firm, then took a hair pin turn and opened up a bakery doing hard crusted artisan bread back in 1979 with my then husband. Granted I had never baked a loaf of bread in my life, but an old Italian guy from Billy's neighborhood in Chicago gave him the recipe and I experimented with my Kenmore mixer.  I found I had an aptitude for it so off we went. We had an Italian bakery and delicatessen and I baked Italian bread, focaccia and deep dish Sicilian pizza.  

Well, that started it all for me and I kept on that path. After many years of bread making I decided I would like some semblance of a life and gravitated to pastry making. I worked in restaurants and hotels in Aspen for many years. After stumbling around on my own for quite a few years I decided to go to the source and sold everything I owned and moved to Paris! There my eyes were opened and my ideals were set regarding how I wanted to do pastries. Because of my naivete and unwavering passion I had the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious pastry houses in Paris; including Fauchon with Pierre Herme and La Maison du Chocolat.

My educational background also includes studies at Cocoa Barry School in France, Callebaut College in Belgium and sugar skills classes in England with the British Sugarcraft Guild.

I also developed and taught one of the most popular continuing education courses for the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena, California for 14 years.  This Wedding Cake and Advanced Decorating course was taught to professional chefs only. 

This is an all consuming passion for me!!


Deborah…Making Connections

When Condra and I started working together, I saw her skill, her love, her passion and commitment to her career in pastries. I wondered what my role in the business really was. When she taught me how to work with the fondant and white chocolate, I started to feel the excitement when I did the finishing work.

After many years as a professional potter, I realized the fondant felt the same as the clay did in my hands. The same movement, the same feel, centering, the creativity, the precision, the breathing; it was all the same concept. I was hooked. I love the perfection of fondant.

Before I started working with my sister there was a really formative time in my life that took me from working with clay to becoming my sister’s business partner. Twenty years spent between Aspen, Telluride and Squaw Valley led me on a journey from being a novice skier to creating and directing the Aspen Women’s Ski Seminars. Eight years later I was part of a team of women who created the first all women’s Heli-Ski Adventures with Canadian Mountain Holidays. Eighteen years of heli-skiing later I had accumulated the marketing, networking, organizing and leadership skills I needed for our beautiful pastry business.

My love of networking in our business has expanded into the community of Sebastopol, including four years on the board of the Sebastopol Farmer’s Market. I currently serve on the steering committee for Cittaslow Sebastopol. Cittaslow is an international organization that began in Italy and was inspired by the Slow Food movement. Working with associates in the hospitality, farming and wine industry is unbelievably satisfying and I don’t think it’s possile to find a better fit for both of us than owning a business in West County.


I am convinced that you truly are angels put here on this earth to give us mere mortals a little taste of heaven.
— Mari Stevens
Our guests couldn’t even speak. They just tapped their forks on their plates and nodded! You came highly recommended and we could see and taste why!
— Rachael and Greg Waugh