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Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm

We serve freshly baked breakfast items including Cream Scones, Almond Croissant, Seasonal Fruit Galettes and Gateau Basque. Living where we do our patisserie flows with the seasons. As new produce ripens and is harvested we happily incorporate it into our product mix.

Our focus is non-GMO and organics!

You will find in our case a selection of our signature desserts, individually designed single serving desserts,  party cakes and some very special cookies and brownies. A veritable jewel box of edibles! 

Gluten intolerant? We have a large selection of naturally gluten fee items and have developed other recipes with gluten free flours.

To compliment your desserts select from a wonderful selection of Mariage Frères teas from Paris as well as locally owned Taylor Maid organic coffees and tea.

Wonderful article about our business on

"Life Out of Bounds" Blog! 

Read about our tea in  The Press Democrat

Read about our tea in The Press Democrat

Join Us for West County High Tea

What is it that draws people to high tea? For us it is a time to relax, turn off the phone, connect with friends...have some "me" time. That is the experience we would like you to have. Then combine that with tea time goodies made fresh and with care, now that is something! We are non-GMO and organically focused.


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Tea Times


Thursday through Sunday

11 am to 3 pm 


Reservations are required.



Walking into Patisserie Angelica is like going through a worm hole, those odd little folds in the universe that theoretical physicist talk about all the time. Suddenly you find yourself in another place entirely: Paris. The pastries, the display cases that hold them, the thoughtful little appointments everywhere. this was no American-style bakery.
— Michele Anna Jordan
The Press Democrat