We are happy to say that we are GMO free at the bakery and mostly organic!! There are still some products that we are working on verifying.

Amazing news! 

 We are very transparent and honest with our ingredients. 

  • 95% of all our products are house made. It’s really true; baked goods, cakes, fillings, buttercream, curds, preserves, jams, jellies, to name a few. We even make our own mocha mix for coffee. You will never find boxes or 50 # bags of cake.

  • When we say “Only the finest ingredients” we mean it. All the time, no excuses and no compromises!

  • Pure butter baking; everyday, every time, no exceptions

  • Organic dairy

  • Organic eggs

  • Organic cane sugar

  • No high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup

  • All natural and we don’t throw that around lightly!


  • We have phased out of using artificial preservative laden synthetic food colors. Ours are all natural plant based colors. Not as bright but good for you! Should someone still prefer the FDA approved synthetic colors we can oblige for fondant but we insist that it get pulled off and NOT eaten.

  • We work seasonally with our local farmers. In peak season we jar, preserve and freeze so we can have that organic goodness all year round. It’s really hard to have local and organic all year long.

  • We love giving people the Patisserie Angelica Experience!