Join us on this journey!

It was 28 years ago that I sold everything (yes, even my record collection) I owned and moved to France to learn French pastry making.

I was filled with commitment, passion and undeniable pure positive intention. For 15 months I worked for free. This is such an inexplicable part of me that I have started a book, A Pastry Apprentice in Paris. People have always told me how interesting my life has been and I should write a here it is.

Eleven years have passed since my last visit to my Paris. Needing a big shot of inspiration and a need to get out of my work mode, my sister Debbie and brother Jeff are joining me on a big adventure to France.

Six days in Paris and seven days in the mid-Pyrenees; home of truffles, fois gras (don't eat it but it will be there,) fine wines, local food  and medieval villages and hamlets. We will top it off going through the Champagne region on our way to Luxembourg.