Easter Offerings 2018

The Easter Bunny Shops Here!

 You have enjoyed our specialty desserts for Easter for many years and we continue to delight!

Open Saturday March 31st for pickup. Please order ahead.
Closed Sunday April 1st. 

Chocolate Raspberry Eggs   $42

Chocolate truffle mousse is layered with a thin chocolate cake, our house made raspberry preserves and whole raspberries. then glazed with a dark chocolate miroir glaze. There is a dusting of gold that makes it shimmery.
9" cake serves 12-14

Individual Eggs  $8

The same as the larger eggs but in a cute individual size. We highly recommend that you order these ahead of time. They were such a big hit and we sold out early.

Lemon Lavender Egg   $42

Lemon butter cake with lemon zest and a touch of Sonoma lavender is layered with our organic Meyer lemon zest. Covered with our delicious European rolled fondant and decorated with hand made flowers and hand piped decor.
9" cake serves 12-14

Individual Lemon Lavender Eggs  $8

Each one is unique and individual as they are hand piped and decorated. Our staff loves the creativity with the capricious little eggs. Covered with our European rolled fondant.

Decoupage Lemon Lavender Eggs  $8

This is a decor technique that is unique to Patisserie Angelica; covered with edible wafer paper and fashioned exactly like decoupage (minus the glue!)  Also available in 9" eggs. This trompe l'oeil will enchant your guests.